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10x Psychology

We provide modern assessment tools, predictive analytics and innovative solutions, spanning the entire employee lifecycle from hiring and leadership to employee wellbeing.

Exponentially better people
Exceptional products. Exemplary services. World-class strategies. These are some of the things that keep organizations ahead of the competition. But it would be impossible to achieve any of that without attracting and retaining the very best people and enabling them to be the very best they can be. At 10x Psychology, we apply our expertise to help with all these things and more.

We`re pioneering a new approach to workplace psychology. An approach that goes beyond the core psychometrics like ability and personality to encompass areas including wellbeing, the employee experience and values. We`re pushing the boundaries for our field. Which means we`re perfectly placed to help you do the same in yours.

Exponentially better solutions
We combine psychological insight with meaningful data to drive employee and organizational performance. Our wide-reaching psychometric solutions are smarter, more engaging, more connected and more user-friendly for candidates and employers alike. By applying tried and tested techniques along with innovative, new approaches to diverse aspects of work, we can help you make the right people decisions in order to stay ahead of the curve.

Better products
We seamlessly blend the most advanced psychometric science with the power of big data and machine learning to create solutions that are truly game-changing.

Better experiences
Our focus on design and usability means better experiences for candidates and employees, and a single dashboard view of the key information for managers.

Better outcomes
By focusing on your specific goals, we can help you get the best out of every individual - which means better outcomes for the entire team.

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