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By Lawyers

Enjoy up-to-date practical legal guides, commentaries, forms and precedents in all common areas of law in England and Wales.

By Lawyers integrates seamlessly with LEAP.

Access over 1000 legally drafted integrated precedents in all common areas of law throughout England and Wales.

Work more confidently with 18 end-to-end integrated Legal Guides available directly from your LEAP matter. Each Legal Guide is drafted for your area of law, and gives you professional guidance to find answers on the go.

Commentaries take you through each step of the matter, giving you freedom to access the guidance you need. Review how to execute one part of a matter, or find end-to-end advice for a matter type you have not handled before.

Practical guidance from start to finish
Master practice and procedure with Commentaries that include links to legislation and case law.

Continually updated
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all By Lawyers content is updated by legal professionals in line with the latest legislation, practice and procedure.

Manage practice risks
Workflow tools, including matter plans, help you ensure advice is accurate and manage risks to your practice. Delegate work confidently to help develop staff with By Lawyers.

Work efficiently
Find answers on the go for client queries, and create documents efficiently through the seamless integration with LEAP. Provide reliable client service and win repeat business.

Please visit us at Legalex for a demonstration and to learn more about how By Lawyers is helping legal practitioners enjoy practice more.

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