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Claim Technology Ltd

Claim Technology helps busy lawyers get their life back. Our Claims-as-a-Service (CaaS) enables you to automate repetitive processes. This could be automating answers to client questions, onboarding new clients, validating their identities and more. Whichever elements you are interested in streamlining, our platform automates your operation one client journey at a time, helping to reduce cost and make it easier for your clients to do business with you. Simply tell Robin, our AI bot, which service you want him to do and he`ll complete the hard work on your behalf. Robin will act as your very own digital legal assistant, automating client journeys, or any internal tasks you need checked off your list. From client background checks to case valuations, and anything in between - Robin is your new best friend. Robin asks your clients the minimum required information, dynamically adjusting the questions he asks based on the answers he receives.

Magic - Well, great design, AI and Natural Language Processing.

Robin improves the quality and consistency of client data (helping remove potential risk and compliance issues) as well as reducing the time to complete tasks from days or weeks to just minutes or hours. Robin is an expert at multi-tasking, he can take on as many processes as you need concurrently. No need to micro-manage - he`ll let you know himself when he`s finished.

Should it be needed, Robin can transfer the conversation to a live agent in real-time, entirely removing any fear of client frustration, and can also integrate with call centre systems and legal case management systems.

Robin can help you:

• Streamline the client journey: By adding a digital legal assistant, clients can get valuable support throughout the legal process. The process becomes step-by-step, giving clients the tools to help themselves and take control of their situation.

• Empower staff: Forward-facing businesses understand the value of Artificial Intelligence, not in replacing human staff, but in restructuring hierarchies in the workplace and remaining relevant in their industry. More than half of large law firms are already making use of AI, freeing up their employees to do more value-added activities.

• Lower costs: Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks keeps costs low. You can start using our CaaS platform on a pay-as-you-go basis, and only pay for the services you actually use.

• Add valuable features: Claims-as-a-Service gives you the opportunity to trial or add value in areas that you could never have afforded to venture into in the past. Without hardware, set up or maintenance costs, you can white label chatbots, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning for your clients, reaping all the rewards with none of the effort.

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