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Coyote Analytics has been helping Law Firms for eight years. The software is new and constantly evolving to meet the needs of busy law firms. We have over 200 clients in U.S.A, Canada and the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on the ease of use of the system, yet allowing detailed data reporting and analysis.
Time Entry -
Coyote Analytics recognises that time entry must be quick and painless. Our built-in time entry capabilities allow you to track your time multiple ways, which means you can customise your time tracking to fit your own needs.
The full application minimises down to a widget that sits in the corner of your desktop. Timekeepers can easily click on a client from a frequently used list or choose a day from the calendar and create a time entry populated with date, client, and matter in seconds. Built-in timers allow simultaneous time capture and you can start and stop each with a click of a button. You can manage multiple stopwatch timers from your widget view or from the full Coyote Analytics application. You can also add a recent list to your dashboard to quickly enter time for a recently used matter, or click the New Time Entry link to open a blank time form to enter time for any matter.
Reporting -
Ad-Hoc Reports • Quickly produce drill-down view that can be saved as a dashboard view, printed to paper, e-mailed to any email recipient, exported in Excel format or saved as a PDF file.
Canned Reports • Standard reports in Coyote Analytics may be copied and reformatted as a custom report. Understanding of banded report writer tools is required, and we can teach you.
Grid Reports • Grid information can be grouped, filtered, sorted as desired, then the final data can be printed, emailed or exported to Excel format. Custom Reports • We offer custom reporting which are imported to run within the program. No need to link to a third party program or external module to generate the information you need to run your business.
Dashboards -
Create custom dashboards with real-time drilldown reporting. Almost any information you need can be made into a dashboard. Save on paper and time.

Billing -
Coyote Analytics revolutionised the billing process.
Less process more efficiency!
Worksheet Edits • Our worksheet allows you to edit fees/expenses easily from a pre-bill view. Billing attorneys can create edit lists for a bill that can be applied to a bill with a click of the mouse. Paperless • Save paper and postage with paperless billing. Pre-bills are distributed electronically to the billing timekeepers. Timekeepers edit the bills in the system, which tracks their billing changes. The billing department has control to accept or decline changes. Final bills are distributed to the client by email, electronic format or mail depending on their setup. Cover Letter with Signature • Coyote Analytics stores signatures. You can easily add a cover letter or collection letter to the bill that will print and be stored with the bill. Unlimited Review Routing • Submit your bill for review by any bill editor in your firm.
Editing in Pre-Bill View
Cover Letter with Signature
Edit Tracking • Track all standard billing edits from no charges to mark downs to flat fees.
Accounting -
Coyote Analytics accounting module was designed by accountants for accountants.
Budgets • Enter monthly budgets or amortise over a year. Create budgets then copy and paste both ways from an excel spreadsheet.
Timekeeper Budgets • Set timekeeper budgets and track budgeted profitability by employee, employee type, matter, client, practice class, office or firm.
Overhead Expense Allocation •
Expense Allocation by Timekeeper.
Hard Cost Expense Allocations • Coyote Analytics verifies client costs advanced are distributed to the designated account and the client is expensed for the same.
Close Periods - Easily post all transactions and close the month to ensure the integrity of financial statements.
Departments/Offices • Track the firm`s financial investment by office and/or department.
Accounts Payable Defaults • Set up a single or multiple default G/L accounts on a vendor with the option to include the amount, which saves data entry time and helps ensure consistency.
Reverse or Adjust • Reverse journal entries and cash receipts - with a click of a button, you can reverse transactions without backing them out manually.
Client Relationship Management -
Coyote Analytics recognises that new prospects hold the key to growth at your firm. Our software allows you to easily convert a prospect to a client - with a click of a button. We also understand the importance of being able to track all the relevant details, so we offer unlimited fields of information. This means you can keep as much information on a prospect as you need.
Avoid Conflicts - Conflict check your prospects before they become a client and save it to the record.
Follow-Up Appropriately - Follow-up made easy - Assign prospect to a workflow in calendaring to make client follow-up efficient and proactive.
Track Tasks - Track task completion percentages, and responsibility.
Case Management -
We understand that case management and client relations are the soul of your law firm.
Snapshot - All information pertaining to a case is stored on a pop up screen that you can easily access from anywhere in the system by selecting the F2 key. Look at account details, billing details, AR details, calendaring, documents and notes.
History - Track the history of collection activity and be alerted of key events.
Client Snapshot View and Attorney Workplace.
Document Management -
Attach documents to expenses, bills, check requests, clients, matters and more.
Attach Documents - Attach emails and documents to employees, contacts, vendors, clients, matters, prospects, expenses, bills, time entries, calendar entries. Create folder structures to organise documents.
Calendaring -
Templates - Setup a template for all types of cases.
Workflows - Assign workflow templates to specific cases, adjust the dates, assign employees, add reminders and schedule case.
Organise • View calendar by day, week, or month. See Due dates, tasks, and meetings with completion percent to organise your time.
Administration -
Coyote analytics gives you the tools you need to make the system work best for your firm.

Drill-Down Month Close - Use the drill down window to post transactions and lock periods. Rate Schedules - Set rate schedules in advance or look up historical rate schedules. Conflict Check - Save conflict checks to the client or email them out with a click of a button. Task Codes and Activity Codes - Use unlimited codes to help organise time entries.
Timekeeper Rate Schedule
Customisable Color Schemes
Customise Roles and Permissions • Set up roles and permissions on a global user or group level.
Custom Fields - Use unlimited custom fields
Address Maintenance - Cleanup addresses, telephone numbers.
Group Employees or Clients - Easily group and manage clients and employees. Marketing and holidays are a snap.

At Coyote Analytics we not only pride ourselves on our software and up to date technology, but also on our personable and personal service we provide. This has allows us to grow our business on referrals through reputation.

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