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etiCloud provides secure hosted business environments.Our ISO 27001 accreditation relates to our defined and implemented best-practice information security processes. So you can be sure that your data, and that of your clients, is secure.

We`re equally proud of our ISO 9001 accreditation as an integral part of it is customer satisfaction. It demonstrates our commitment to our customer-led approach - one of the reasons we`ve built, and continue to build, our business on referrals.

Every business is different, and technology needs vary. But our understanding of working with specific sectors has helped us to design products that meet industry-specific needs and priorities, and to look at opportunities to improve efficiency, security and service for your business.

Yet that`s not the only way we improve cost efficiency. Whatever products you choose, the fixed costs can also help with business planning, reducing large outlays and unexpected costs as well as taking away concerns around license fees and renewals.

For many years we`ve worked with legal firms of all shapes and sizes. It means we`re fully immersed in the required case management software and provide solutions that seamlessly merge. In fact, we have designed and created the only hosting system recommended by Proclaim, the case management software fully endorsed by The Law Society.

The legal industry deals with a large amount of data. Our products make information easy to access and share, wherever your location, as well as taking away any worries about data security. It is also designed to protect you against the growing threat of cyber crime.

Financial Services
Our experience with accountancy firms and IFAs has given us an in-depth understanding of how our products can help remove unnecessary pressures, freeing people up to focus on their primary role. Security of information is, of course, vital. So the reassurance of our top level, ISO-accredited security products, and our IBM Tier 4 datacentres helps.

Our flexible, fixed cost per user system can also help firms with their own budgeting and business planning too. Everything we offer is designed to benefit you, reducing not only direct costs but also time spent on IT that can be better utilised building your business.

We provide products to the recruitment industry that reduce the time spent on data and IT -related tasks. Spending less time worrying about inputting information and managing data security frees businesses up to spend more time with clients and candidates.

We work with one of the UK`s big 6 energy suppliers supplying lightening fast SaaS. Our systems provide a secure environment for information yet work with their existing IT support. This provides them with the flexibility of being able to maintain control of their own systems whilst minimising costs and IT time spent troubleshooting. The IT team can focus on more strategic issues with the reassurance that users have a fast and secure software system, with our team on-hand to resolve any problems swiftly.

Our retail portfolio includes many national brands working across a number of physical environments. We provide a decentralised experience for such businesses, with Hosted Desktop, Hosted Telephone all supported by Internet connection. Our system set up enables us to increase server speeds when and where necessary, minimising downtime.

The server estate is securely hosted in the cloud, in IBM Tier 4 datacentres. Access to information is also securely controlled. End users only receive the software and data necessary to their role in the business, from store staff and screens to admin staff and business analysts. The speed at which our system shares data also provides users with an elastic approach. Data can be processed and analysed quickly and easily to enable more accurate business decisions.

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