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Highgate Hill Soicitors & Alexandrou Law Offices LLC & Anglo Helenic and Cypriot Law Association

International litigation, property/financial investment advice. Cyprus company establishment. Promoting establishment of British lawyers in Cyprus. Arbitration on contracts and investment. Promoting off shore facilities and Banking advice

The two firms Highgate Hill Solicitors and K. Alexandrou Theodotou LLC have an established history in winning cases and in mediating between banks and clients. Both firms provide arbitration, resources, promotion of property investment, company registrations in Cyprus and the Middle East, also British Lawyers registration in Cyprus and office facilities in our premises. They won 12 prizes.

Highgate Hill Solicitors was the first firm to win jurisdiction to bring foreign companies to trial in the UK concerning infringement of consumer rights. Alexandrou Theodotou Law Offices became a top mediator in promoting settlements between clients and the banks. It actively participates in the promotion of company establishments in Cyprus and the Middle East. The firm establishes a company and then looks after its interests by preparing annual returns and promoting its businesses in the area. Both firms, Highgate Hill Solicitors and Alexandrou Theodotou Law Offices, are experts in banking advice and litigation and the principal of both firms is the Chair of the European Legal Committee for Consumer Rights. Alexandrou Theodotou Law Offices is also assisting the establishment of England and Wales based lawyers in Cyprus and can accommodate them at their own offices in Nicosia.

Both firms are assisting in the promotion of companies and products by organising seminars and exhibitions in Cyprus and the Middle East. Both companies have participated in arbitration, which terminates cases quickly and efficiently. Alexandrou Theodotou Law Offices are promoting offshore facilities internationally to business people and private individuals. The firm undertakes visibility studies and research in all areas of commercial activity and financing.

Alexandrou Theodotou Law Offices operates with many banks to provide advice which is accurate and beneficial to the clients. The purchase of property in Cyprus can assist visa and citizenship applications and the firm has assisted many individuals in this respect. The firm has instructions to promote the sale of properties which are of investment value and they assist the purchaser with visibilities, valuation reports and funding.

Highgate Hill Solicitors advise on conveyancing in the UK and they are experienced in the sale of commercial properties. They also undertake landlord and tenant arrangements and they look after the properties of people who are abroad and/or are elderly. The firm also does probate work and have won 3 prizes for their probate advice and achievement.

Highgate Hill Solicitors played an important role in protecting UK buyers from unfair foreign currency loans and defended hundreds of clients who were misled and lent sums denominated in foreign currency, who were thus exposed to great exchange rate risk. Both firms have been the subject of televised films, in which they participate in interviews concerning their achievements.

The principal of Highgate Hill Solicitors and Alexandrou Theodotou Law Offices Dr Katherine Alexander Theodotou has won several Human Rights prizes for her voluntary work in the Middle East and in assisting the establishment of refugees. They are an important Human Resource and must not be undermined or ignored.

Anyone who is interested in promoting themselves commercially is welcome. Our team of lawyers are very excited to assist, and they take pride in their work and their achievements. Our prices are very reasonable and can be discussed with clients.

An area of work that is very much in demand is advice and representation regarding immigration. Our team of lawyers have great experience and they can give advice and assistance in all areas, with low prices. We are particularly popular with students, whom we advise on visas to study in the UK, without wasting their time and without taking financial advantage of them.

The firms also engage in Regulatory advice. Highgate Hill Solicitors principal Katherine Alexander Theodotou has established `Justice for Lawyers`, an organisation which promotes the rights of lawyers who have suffered injustice, who can be represented inexpensively and fairly. She campaigns to promote a regulatory regime which is fair and democratic.

Both firms have been very successful in all their activities and thy are dedicated to their clients and their tasks. Please communicate with them.

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