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Institute of Paralegals

Professional body for Paralegals.
The Authority on the development and standing of Paralegals.

Who we are

The Institute of Paralegals is a professional membership body that connects individuals with the shared purpose of providing professional legal services.
We were incorporated in 2003 and in 2005 we were granted institute status by the Secretary of State for the Department of Trade & Industry, after proving that we met the government's requirement that we were a "professional body of the highest standing".
The Institute is the standard setting body for Paralegals as recognised by the unregulated legal services sector regulator, the PPR. We are the only Paralegal Body that is recognised by the voluntary regulator as having robust professional standards.
Our networking opportunities and knowledge hub are there to inspire and promote excellence in the development of Paralegals everywhere. When you join us, you become part of a government recognised professional body that is passionate about promoting the profession.

What we do

We have developed the competency standards for paralegals and Legal Secretaries which map to the National Occupation Standards for Legal Services.
We also:
• Help our members to develop their careers as legal professionals.
• Give free paralegal careers advice
• Represent paralegals (both here and overseas)
• Work with leading organisations to bring you the best paralegal training
• Lobby government, regulators and the legal profession on issues concerning paralegals: rights of audience, diversity, professional recognition, terms and conditions, training, etc.
• Work with employers and recruiters
• Work with training providers, university law schools and others to provide you with the best qualifications at the most affordable price
• Approval of courses for training providers here and overseas
Typical IOP projects include:
• Founding membership of the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR)
• Assisting the Competition and Markets Authority in assessing the Legal Services market and how factors affect the Paralegal Profession
• Lobbying the Ministry of Justice and Her Majesty`s Court Service regarding Rights of Audience for our members.
• Publishing our Competency standards for Paralegals
• Develop Paralegal Training Courses and qualifications for the progression of our members.
• Partnering with University Law Schools to promote professionally approved legal education and training.
• Working with all Legal Sector key stakeholders for the promotion of Paralegal careers.
• Promoting international recognition of Paralegals through partnering with other professional organisations and bodies.

The IoP are proud to be members of:

• The Solicitor General`s Public Legal Education Panel
• Lawcare`s Taskforce Panel
• The Professional Paralegal Register
• Legal Choices Advisory Panel

Our mission is to set professional standards, provide recognition for paralegals and promote professionalism.
Our purpose is to uphold the highest standards in knowledge, practice and ethics across the paralegal profession and to support individual paralegals in developing the skills and knowledge required to meet these highest standards.

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