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Have a great answer on GDPR with Keepabl's SaaS solution.

Keepabl's GDPR-compliance platform helps organisations comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the marketing rules in the UK e-Privacy Regulations. We believe that most people involved in GDPR are not privacy or technology specialists and have many other things on their plate. Keepabl makes GDPR compliance as easy as possible, helping customers get the job done on GDPR compliance.

Customers tell us that Keepabl is very simple - in a good way! And that we create exactly the reports and outputs they need to get the GDPR job done. We put this down to our founder's unique 'crossover' experience and expertise, which drives Keepabl's product philosophy. Robert has been a TMT lawyer for over 20 years, the mid-market customer translating complex regulations into achievable, practical risk programs as General Counsel for over 13 years, and is a SaaS technophile with 'Silicon Valley DNA'.

Keepabl automatically creates your Risk Map, Article 30 Records, Activity Register, Activity Analysis, Processor Register and Transfer Register, in real time as you describe your Activities. As you answer the BenchMark's questions, which track GDPR and UK PECR, you'll see your overall score instantly generated to show the Board, and 17 sub-scores to drive gap analysis and remediation activities.

Report personal data breaches in the Breach module, use the Breach Button to place a link to your Breach module on your intranet, receive email alerts on new breaches, and see your Breach Log instantly generated. Keepabl has plain-language guides on handling breaches (and all other aspects of the system). And Keepabl is your single place to store all your Privacy-related documents from processing agreements to DPIAs, to training materials and audits.

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