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Konsolute help organisations to unlock their innovation; provide employees with a universal toolkit for teamwork; simplify user experiences across devices, apps, and services and protects data and intellectual property with unparalleled security through the use of the Office 365 and Azure.

Our engagements have helped organisations within the legal sector to realise the true potential of a digital workplace. This has helped them to attract talent, increase productivity and employee satisfaction, decrease employee attrition, and enhance innovation agility whilst minimising spend.

Our core principal at Konsolute is using technology to innovate and disrupt how users traditionally view and use technology.

We will be showcasing Auto Classifier which is revolutionising the way in which the legal sector consumes, shares and create documents. Traditionally legal documents are stored within document management systems and requires the input of metadata (keywords that describe the document), this can be a time-consuming process for legal teams and legal secretaries and too often can leads to mistakes or legal documents which do not have any metadata. Thus, leading to poor search experiences and compliance not being able to react to regulatory/compliance requests such as GDPR

Auto Classifier uses Machine Learning Algorithms to extract meaningful keywords which accurately describe the document, these are then stored against the document. Legal teams can rely upon the tool to classify the document automatically and thus streamlining the process of publishing content and reducing the risk of incorrectly classifying or applying metadata to the legal documents/artefacts

Auto-Classifier can be configured via a user-friendly interface which enables the operator to choose from a range of data sources (SharePoint, file system, Office 365)

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