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LEX247 is a comprehensive, cloud-based enterprise-grade legal practice management software designed to streamline and automate lawyers` tasks and functions so they can concentrate on delivering high-quality service to their clients and growing their legal practice.

The software takes the user`s entire legal practice into the cloud and lets him manage all aspects of legal practice from a single user interface. Being a cloud-hosted platform, LEX247 can be accessed whenever and wherever from any mobile device. Lawyers can easily view their schedules, set up appointments, review their cases, and send invoices to their clients right from the palm of their hands.

LEX247 gives you total control over your legal practice and all its areas with a single, unified, cloud-based practice management solution. Every aspect of your legal practice, from client communication, schedule and appointments, invoice management, document management, and case management among others, can be managed and performed from a single user interface.

Managing cases don`t need to be clunky, cumbersome, and time intensive. LEX247 provides you with intelligent case management. From a unified interface, you can create, manage, monitor, organize, and assign cases minus all the paperwork. On top of that, the software uses tight, enterprise-grade security measures to protect your data, giving you peace of mind whenever you access and manage your cases through the web and your mobile devices.

Time is gold, as the old adage goes. Which is why you need to closely track your hours and capture time as you work. With LEX247, you can automatically capture time whenever you do things work-related, like taking a phone call from a client, writing an email, and creating schedules and consulting your calendar. LEX247 is built to ensure that you are paid whenever you work and you will never miss a second of billable time.

Lawyers around the world spend tens of hours every week to determine if there are any conflicts of interest with their cases, participants, communication, and documents. LEX247 automates the whole process, intelligently checking for any conflict of interests for all new cases so you don`t have to.

You also save time when creating reports. Instead of dedicating hours to gather and analyze the information and base your reports from there, LEX27 generates powerful and detailed reports in second. You can customize the information content, pick the report type and time range, and click the `create` button. In mere moments, you have reports that show you everything you need to know.

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