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SMASHDOCs revolutionizes the collaboration between professionals in the creation and revision of text documents. The collaborative work on documents becomes with SMASHDOCs up to 5x faster than using the currently available applications on the market.
While previously, when working together on documents, a large number of different versions of the text to be edited always arise, which have to be managed, compared and merged with great effort and expense, with SMASHDOCs all those involved always work on exactly one document, which intelligently manages all changes in the text in a completely new - and patented - way.
In SMASHDOCs, all adjustments are seamlessly documented by those involved and can be easily and transparently traced.
Collaboration with SMASHDOCs has never been easier, the application allows internal and external users with different permission levels for a document to be invited to SMASHDOCs with just a few clicks.
SMASHDOCs is a web-based editor equipped with all functions necessary for document creation and editing. Texts can therefore either be newly created or existing Word documents can be imported and further processed, including footnotes, cross-references, tables of contents, images, tables and much more. In addition to Word there are a number of other formats available in SMASHDOCs for export, e.g. PDF, HTML.

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