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More clients and more profits without working more hours - that`s what I help small law firm owners to achieve. I show you what to do, in what order, and then work with you to help you get it done - so that you get results fast.

I`m Michelle Peters, The Business Instructor, and I`m a former practising solicitor from a Magic Circle firm who now helps the owners of small law firms to have the freedom to work with who they want to work with (their ideal clients), freedom to work the hours they choose (rather than all night!) and to have the financial freedom they deserve.

Every client has different goals and specific needs, so I provide a mixture of strategic advice, skills training (including marketing and client conversion skills), mentoring and coaching through my `Profitable Practice` programme.

If you are frustrated because your business or practice isn`t growing as fast as you`d like, or you feel like you are working too hard for too little return at the end of the year, then you`re probably suffering from one or more of these challenges:

• Not attracting enough new clients to meet your growth goals
• Not knowing what else to do to grow your practice or firm (other than trying to get new clients)
• Getting overwhelmed by too many marketing ideas and jumping from one to another without getting the results you want.

If this describes you then I can help you identify exactly what you need to do to overcomes these challenges and meet (and exceed) your practice growth goals. Book your FREE Focus Session with me before or at the show and in 15 minutes you`ll be clear about exactly what you need to focus on to get the results you want.

Reserve your Focus Session now: text SESSION to 07903571611 (standard text rates apply) and we`ll send you details of the times we have available.

You can also download your copy of my e-guide `The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Keep Most Solicitors From Attracting Enough Clients (And How To Fix Them)` from

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