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Unoccupied Property Insurance for homeowners, solicitors and executors during probate.

Our product is designed for ease of use by those arranging insurance on behalf of someone else, such as solicitors, executors, attorneys and deputies. Clients can also insure their own homes when moving into care or back in with family members, and we have a supportive customer service team on hand to help with any queries necessary.

Quite often, insurance cover doesn`t extend to properties that are unoccupied for longer than 30-60 days. However, our cover is available for 3, 6, 9 and 12 month cover options. We also offer pro-rata returns, so that, if the property is let or sold sooner than expected, we`ll refund the applicable cost of the premium.

Solicitors often choose to arrange insurance with us, or direct customers our way, because certain features of our product set us apart from the rest of the sector. For example, we charge no excess on any claims, and will accept any UK residential property onto our extensive policy - with £1m Buildings cover and £10k Contents cover provided as standard.

The questions we ask in order to provide a quote make it easier if you don`t have all the relevant homeowner`s documents to hand. We just need: postcode, approximate year of construction, number of bedrooms, and type of property (closest match). This helps to prevent risk of accidental nondisclosure, which can pose a problem when insuring on behalf of someone else.

You can find further details of our cover in our Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), and in our policy wording. Head to our website,, or drop an email to:, and one of the team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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