Marketing Speakers

  • Panel Session Speaker: Rich Dibbins

    Rich Dibbins
    Conscious Solutions

    Online Marketing in 2019. What’s working? What’s not?

  • Panel Session Speaker: Joe Reevy

    Joe Reevy

    How to use BD automation to save your marketers hundreds of hours annually

  • Panel Session Speaker: Karen Dunne-Squire

    Karen Dunne-Squire
    Elation Experts

    Giving Your Customer the Red Carpet Treatment

  • Panel Session Speaker: Nick Francis

    Nick Francis

    Law firm marketing—practical advice on marketing for law firms.

  • Panel Session Speaker: Joe Reevy

    Joe Reevy
    Crosselerator Ltd

    How to use Connectedness and Influence to Build Your Practice FAST! (Why Networking Works)

  • Panel Session Speaker: Geremy Johnson

    Geremy Johnson
    Global Law Media and TV

    How your law firm will survive in the 21 st century

  • Below is the Legal Marketing Summit Showguide.

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