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18 & 19

MARCH 2020

Show Dates: 18 & 19 March 2020, ExCeL London

Tresorit Masterclass is closed for 2019

Data breaches: Is your law firm in danger?

According to The National Cyber Security Centre, 60% of law firms reported an information security incident, such as a data breach, in the last year.

Many studies reveal that hacker attacks and unintentional human mistakes are the leading causes of data breaches. However, with the right security tools, most of these unintentional data leakages can be avoided.

In under an hour, we’ll explore real-world data breach scenarios that could happen to firms storing and sharing data in the cloud and how they could be avoided using Tresorit's end-to-end encrypted cloud service and its numerous data control features.

Data breaches can have devastating impact on law firms and chambers financially and reputation wise. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to avoid them.

At A Glance

• Is it safe for legal professionals to store and share files in the cloud?
•  What are common human mistakes that could lead to accidental data breaches?
• What measures your firm can take to prevent data breaches?
•  How does encryption help to safeguard personal data and to ensure GDPR compliance?

Secure cloud for legal professionals

Security concerns should not hold legal professionals back from moving data to the cloud. What's key is to proceed with due diligence when choosing a cloud storage provider and to know what criteria to consider when doing so.

Are your client’s confidential documents safe in the cloud? Does your current cloud provider satisfy the Bar Council and the SRA’s requirements for a secure cloud solution? Do your members and employees store all their data with the designated provider or does shadow IT lurk in your company?

Bringing data together held by chambers or law firms in a secure cloud storage is key to avoiding data breaches. It can bring competitive advantage as well as it helps to reassure clients that their data is safe and secure.

In the course of this hour, you will learn about the requirements a cloud provider has to satisfy to keep confidential documents safe and to help you comply with data protection requirements.

At A Glance

•  Is your cloud safe for legal professionals?
•  How to keep confidential documents safe in the cloud?
•  What measures can your firm take to prevent data breaches?
•  What criteria does the Bar Council recommend to consider when choosing a cloud provider?
•  What are the Solicitors Regulatory Authority's criteria for a secure cloud solution?

Cybersecurity tips for legal professionals

For a law firm, properly securing data could be the difference between success and finding yourself the target of a big cyberattack.

Law firms face real challenges when it comes to cybersecurity, and data security practices in the industry as a whole lag behind other sectors. Today, most communication, research, and legal filings are done online and law firms’ servers hold a large amount of incredibly sensitive client information. No wonder that law practices have become attractive target for cyber attacks. Cybercriminals have figured out that law firm data is a lucrative asset, for example, to hold it hostage with ransomware.

Don’t let your firm become the next victim! Take the opportunity to learn about the most common cybersecurity mistakes and preventive steps you can take to protect your employees, servers, and data from cyberattacks.

At A Glance

•  Is your law firm in danger of a cyberattack?
•  What are the key preventative measures to protect against cyberthreats?
•  How to secure your network and databases?
•  How to keep your files confidential in the cloud?

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