Met Police Service and FALCON at Legal Cyber Security Expo

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Legal Cyber Security Expo is excited to announce the support of the Metropolitan Police for this year’s event at ExCeL London, on 21 & 22 March, 2018. Legal Cyber Security Expo (running with Legalex) is an event dedicated to providing anyone working in the legal sector with all the knowledge, and tools, needed to protect sensitive data from the increasing threat of cyber attacks and internal data breaches.


The legal industry is particularly susceptible to cyber attacks - with the breadth of data they hold ranging from personal data and financial records to details of business interactions. Making sure that legal professionals and businesses are prepared to face this threat is key, as is knowing how to respond should an attack take place.


The Met Police Service and FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime Online) will be at Legal Cyber Security Expo on stand 810. Falcon is a specialist team of detectives who work through a four-pronged approach to fight fraud and cyber crime. The approach is broken down into the following four stages; Pursue, Protect, Prepare and Prevent. The Pursue team are focused on investigating all acts of fraud referred from Action Fraud into the Met Police Service. The Protect and Prepare teams work to reduce the risk of future attacks through awareness and putting protective measures in place to stop attacks. They also work with businesses themselves to help develop a cyber response plan to reduce the impact should an attack occur. Prevent work with children and young adults who would be likely to fall into cyber crime to help them divert their skills into workshops, apprenticeships and employment.


Together, Legal Cyber Security Expo, Met Police Service and Falcon are dedicated to ensuring that legal businesses are as protected as possible in this time of increasing threats. The three teams look forward to welcoming you to ExCeL London on 21 & 22 March.


If you are not already registered, the event is free to attend. Sign up by via the button above. Your free ticket for gives you access to both Legalex and Legal Cyber Security Expo.