To outsource or not to outsource? Part 2

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Recently, we focussed on some of the pros and cons we hear on our travels, namely loss of control and cost.

This month we look at confidentiality and knowledge of the business.



Organisations often have the view that product knowledge, intellectual property and other commercially sensitive information must remain within the firm at all times.


Outsourcing aspects of the sales process is no different to any other business activity. They are professionals who operate with integrity and client confidentiality at all times. Client engagements will be in place.

Business Knowledge


No one knows your business, your ideal clients and service offerings like you and your team.


Outsourced sales professionals get up to speed very quickly, it’s what we do. With years of experience they know the questions to ask and those to avoid so as not to get bogged down in unnecessary detail.

Wherever you sit on the outsourcing or co-sourcing spectrum there is a solution for you and people who can help.