5 reasons why using a local law society blog is a top way to get lawyers excited about your business

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As we move further into the 21st century, news is becoming easier and easier to access. 

Newspapers and journals still exist – and despite all the technology, they’re unlikely to disappear altogether. But news is easier to read on mobile and tablet. True, you can read digital magazines on most platforms, but it’s all a bit cumbersome. 

Enter the law society magazine blog: a cutting-edge tool for keeping members up-to-date with what’s happening in their region. We talked in our last blog (which can be found here) about why it’s an essential part of your marketing mix to use local law societies.

The law society blogs are a great way for you as a legal service provider to make your presence felt by the solicitors and other legal professionals you’re targeting. 

Whether you advertise, contribute content, or a bit of both, doing it in the blog will give you a head start over competitors using more traditional forms of marketing.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. The law society blog is emailed straight to solicitors’ desks.

As a service provider, you want to get in front of the people who matter – your potential customers. The law society blog is a highly targeted communication, which members receive straight to their inbox. 

Because the blog is tailored to meet the needs of its readership, this is an email lawyers should be excited about receiving. 

It’s really easy for them to access the blog and search for the content that matters to them. If you’ve contributed the right content and followed our tips on how to advertise (see our next blog), you should grab the attention of many potential leads. 

2. Readers of the blog can easily share content.

Unlike a hard copy journal or digital magazine, the law society blog is really simple and exciting for lawyers to interact with on their chosen platform (desktop, tablet or mobile).

If they like your content or ads, they can share them. This offers huge scope for your message to reach more potential leads: why would they share content with people who aren’t going to be interested in it?

3. Analytics make it easy to ensure the blog is a must-read for lawyers. 

The local law society uses analytics to monitor the success of its blog. This means the blog’s administrator can guide news to the right people. And so the blog grows organically with relevant content, targeted to the right market. 

Which means your ads and content are reaching people with a real appetite to read them. And that means more eyes on you and your product or service. 

4. Content is kept constantly up-to-date

The flexible digital format of the blog means it’s more of an online newsfeed than a once-a-quarter newssheet where the ‘news’ often ages rapidly. So it’s an attractive format for busy lawyers who want to keep up-to-date with local goings-on. 

Prospective and existing members are given a link that allows instant access to all the latest society information. Instead of relying on news updated over a period, they can be updated on a daily basis, putting them – and you – at the cutting edge of law Society member communications.

Societies can also update any changes to events and meetings at any time, as well as giving exposure at short notice to any organisations who may wish to sponsor an event. 

If you’re running seminars in the regions, you’ve got a real opportunity for immediate promotion.

5. The blog is widely promoted 

Local law societies use social media channels (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc) to increase the exposure of their blogs, which ensures a wider circulation of the blog than just the firms and lawyers who subscribe to it. 

So your adverts and content could be seen by a wide range of potential customers, including non-member solicitors, and paralegals.

Law society staff are also encouraged to add a URL of their blog to their email signature. Email recipients will instantly have the online magazine brought to their attention and invited to click on the link. 

Simon Castell is sales manager at East Park Communications, a company specialising in providing free on- and off-line magazines to the legal profession. www.eastparkcommunications.com   info@eastparkcommunications.com 0151 651 2776

If you’d like to find out more about how you can use your local law society’s magazine blog to promote your business to solicitors, we’ve written a blog about it! Check it out here! 


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