UK Cyber Security Forum

In September 2011 the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster was founded to meet the needs of the small cyber security companies operating in and around Malvern in the counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire in the UK. Over the following 2 years small companies from across the UK increasingly asked to join the Cluster, even though they were based too far away to attend the meetings. As the membership of the Malvern Cyber Security Cluster became national it was decided to help other Clusters get started where there was already a critical mass of activity so as to enable more companies to physically meet together in different parts of the country. The UK Cyber Security Forum was created in April 2014 by Key IQ Ltd to coordinate this effort. In April 2015 the UK Cyber Security Forum was founded as a Community Interest Company, a social enterprise to continue developing the Forum with longterm sustainability in mind. Today the Forum has a strong and growing national membership and an increasing interaction with cyber security clusters and policy makers around the world.

The UK Cyber Security Forum is a social enterprise representing sole traders and small & medium companies (SMEs) who are actively working in cyber security. As a qualifying SME, it is completely free to join the Forum, and membership is now more than 500 such Core Members across the country. The Forum also has a membership category for other companies that are not cyber security SMEs. The Forum facilitates a number of Cyber Security Clusters around the UK by working with a network of local volunteer champions. These groups organise cluster meetings and events for Members in their vicinity, helping Members to network, share best practice and hear about new opportunities. More details at

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