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The Metropolitan Police Service’s FALCON (Fraud and Linked Crime ONline) is a team of specialist detectives here to protect people and businesses in London from all complex cybercrime and fraud.

The departments within Falcon are aligned to Pursue, Protect, Prepare and Prevent in order to provide the most effective response to both cyber enabled and dependent crime.

Pursue are responsible for investigating all fraud investigations referred from Action Fraud into the Metropolitan Police Service. This accounts for 60% of the nation’s fraud investigations.

Protect and Prepare reduce the likelihood of a cyber incident through raising awareness and designing out enablers of cybercrime. They also work with businesses to help develop cyber response plans to reduce the impact should an incident occur.

The Prevent strand is helping children and young adults who are on the fringes of cybercrime. They work with industry partners diverting their skills from crime into workshops, apprenticeships and employment.

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