Alkesh Acharya & Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall

Atlas City & Legal Utopia (joint platform LawTech on Atlas City Ledger)

Darren is CEO of Atlas City with more than 20yrs of experience in the software engineering and technology industry. Member of the British Computer Society as well as a Certified Blockchain Professional.
Darren is a space-mad entrepreneur and IT expert specialised in extreme computing involving massive amounts of data, focused on specific industries such as lawtech, water utilities and supply chain. When he’s not in the office he regularly speaks at conferences and other events as well as provide the occasional speaking arrangement at universities including Oxford Blockchain Society.
Alkesh is the CTO of Legal Utopia. Alkesh has spent over 25 years as an enterprise architect, programme manager and data scientist working for several blue-chip companies that have included IBM, Arthur Andersen, Price Waterhouse, British Telecom, EMC, and more recently the Energy Systems Catapult and Electron. Alkesh is currently studying for an MBA @LSE and Masters in BlockChain and Cryptocurrency @Nicosia University online.

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How Atlas City DLT meets the A2J initiatives

Legal Utopia brings together Atlas City distributed ledger technology (DLT), natural language process (NLP), speech recognition, and artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the Access to Justice (A2J) objectives in the UK and EU. Legal Utopia require blockchain to validate encrypted transactions whilst maintaining data confidentiality, integrity and availability, using a decentralised governance model. Atlas City delivers the functionality that supports the crowdfunding capability, the claims management and settlement process.

Alkesh Acharya & Darren Oliveiro-Priestnall will be speaking in the following theatres:


  • Stephen Ward: Speaking at the Legalex

    Stephen Ward
    Council for Licensed Conveyancers

    Transforming home buying and selling.

  • Rodger Burnett: Speaking at the Legalex

    Rodger Burnett
    Charles Lyndon

    Waistell v Network Rail Infrastructure – An update

  • Clare Fanner: Speaking at the Legalex

    Clare Fanner
    Find Get Grow

    How to get £100k+ more income into your law firm quickly

  • Clive Ponder TEP: Speaking at the Legalex

    Clive Ponder TEP
    Countrywide Tax & Trust Corporation Ltd

    Can clients speak from beyond the grave?

  • Tim Chambers: Speaking at the Legalex

    Tim Chambers
    cool Data Centres Limited

    The Dangers of Data in a Digital World