Adam Bray


Spearheading the Legal division for Lexacom with the support of a skilled customer service and development team, Adam has developed a deep understanding for the challenges faced by law firms and how technology can help them to continue to evolve.

Over the past 4 years, Adam has become an integral part of the Lexacom team. Successfully implementing the Lexacom suite of solutions across over 150 separate organisations within Legal, Healthcare and Professional Services. Adam has facilitated change into multiple markets and enhanced business portfolio and growth within every sector he has touched.

Adam is a keen advocate for boosting efficiency and streamlining workflow between teams using AI. Through implementing changes to working processes, a key metric for Adam to measure the success of each organisation he has worked with is to reduce overall document creation time, ultimately leaving firms to focus on what is important, their clients.

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AI and improved decision making in Law Firms

Lexacom are specialists in voice technology. We want to explore how the application of appropriate technology can improve the quality of data collected and the speed with which it can be interpreted. We also want to discuss how this can enhance the ability to make decisions and improve communication across an organisation.


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