Andrew Chilvers


Andrew is a journalist and editor and editorial director specialising in business and finance, and the technology sector.
During his time in publishing he has worked as a London-based reporter on a Middle East business weekly (MEED), as a subeditor at the Financial Times and Duty Editor at Teletext, Daily Mail Group.

Elsewhere, Andrew has reported the emerging market stories in Hong Kong and South China, Vietnam and Central and Eastern Europe.

He currently specialises in data protection, cyber security and the technology sector. Andrew is also a data protection consultant for insolvency firms and is an accredited ISO27001 lead auditor.

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Data Protection in the Age Brexit and the Internet of Things

By the mid-2020s, all devices will be creating 163 zettabytes of data a year. That’s the same as viewing all the movies on Netflix more than 500 million times; an increase of 10 times the current yearly data creation rate of 16.3ZB. As we enter the age of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, our personal data matters more than ever. What do innovative organisations have to do to stay compliant in a shape-shifting world.


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