Andy Roberts


Andy Roberts is Founder and CEO of Weekly10, the employee engagement and performance management platform..

Andy has spent much of his career leading, geo-dispersed, multi-disciplinary teams across industries as diverse as finance, e-commerce and telecommunications. Through this experience he began to see how many traditional HR practices and processes failed to get the most out of employees and build lasting relationships between a business and its people.

Failing to find a viable solution in the market to tackle engagement and performance, he set about creating his own; Weekly10.

Following the 2018 Aon report’s ‘The State of Partner and Employee Engagement in the Legal Sector’ which highlights, how far behind the sector lags compared to other professional services, Andy and the team have been busy working with progressive law firms and chambers on improving how they engage their people and reap the rewards. The rewards can include reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity and employee pride.

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Employee Feedback 2.0: The Key to an Engaged, Productive and Profitable Firm

Andy will be taking us through the latest and greatest research looking at the role employee feedback has to play within progressive law firms. Discover the benefits that regular, open and two-way feedback can have on engagement, wellbeing, productivity and profitability within the lawyer workplace. Pick up some top tips on how to put feedback at the centre of your firm’s culture, without huge upheaval or cost.


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