Deborah Witkiss

Insight Legal Software Ltd

Deborah Witkiss is a Director at Insight Legal Software. Having started her career working in law firms, Deborah has undertaken various roles in legal accounts, administration and practice management. She then moved in to legal software over 15 years ago, training and supporting law firms in their use of technology as well as teaching solicitors about dealing with their accounts and managing their practices.

Deborah is now part of the management team at Insight Legal, delivering practice management software specifically for solicitors; combining law, technology, finance and business. With a valuable combination of law firm and legal software experience, and having delivered literally thousands of training courses over the years, Deborah is uniquely placed to be able to offer invaluable, practical advice.

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Managing your Practice for Success

In these days of ever-increasing regulations and management responsibilities, learn how to effectively manage and lead your law firm without taking away from your fee earning time. Dealing with issues from ensuring compliance to preventing cyber crime, and from cash management to running your practice as an efficient business, this session will guide you through the practical aspects of managing a law firm today.


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