Gary Jones

Cloud Geeni

Understanding the IT challenges faced by the legal sector, Gary has over 15 years’ experience delivering sophisticated cloud and Infrastructure As A Service solutions for professional services firms and is a regular speaker on key topics such as cybercrime, cloud technology, business applications and more.

Gary is commercially astute, aligning IT security strategies with business growth. Working closely with a wide range of clients and IT specialists Gary demonstrates how he has achieved real change and measurable benefits for clients.

From understanding cybercrime risks, protecting your client and business data and ensuring IT systems help deliver efficiency throughout your business processes, Gary shares his insight and helps law firms to understand the most effective IT solutions to both protect data and support growth.

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Yes, we are still talking about cybercrime & this is why…

Yes, it is another seminar on cybercrime! Because cybercrime is one of the biggest issues facing law firms. Gary Jones will explore how cybercrime has advanced and the main threats. Explaining advances in Cloud technology and Infrastructure As A Service solutions. Showing leaders how to successfully transition their IT infrastructure to protect their business, whilst improving business efficiency and aiding growth. Wish to attend this seminar? Your industry commands it!

Gary Jones will be speaking in the following theatres:

theatre 3 - Thursday 11.00 - 11.45: Yes, we are still talking about cybercrime & this is why…


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