Jordan Halperin

High Impact

Jordan Halperin is the CEO of High Impact based in Denver, Colorado. High Impact''s award-winning team of legal strategists, animators, forensic experts, and physicians deliver custom legal exhibits that maximize the value of your verdicts and settlements by leaving an unforgettable impact on your audience.
As both a leader of investor-led businesses and as a middle-market Private Equity executive, Jordan has helped develop innovative client-focused solutions that have resulted in repeated outsized growth. His passion for visual solutions has resulted in his being sought as an adviser and lecturer on effective communication messaging to varied audiences.
When not innovating in the office, Jordan is also an eager marathoner who enjoys the nearly year-round training required to try to break his PR in his next big race.

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Strategically Incorporating Visual Litigation Solutions

Ever feel that your audience isn’t grasping what you’re trying to communicate? You have heard that “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”. In a legal proceeding, educating and guiding your audience through tailored visual solutions can transform the expectations of what can be achieved. Hear how you can influence the minds of your listeners and be the hero to your clients. Explore how new technologies have expanded the ability for people to understand and retain complex details. See examples of how your colleagues have successfully applied these solutions to great success in varied formats.


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