Michael Connelly

Legal Bricks

Michael offers a wealth of property experience and has been in the industry for over 20 year’s. Having wide ranging exposure to both property and tech start-ups, as well as currently sitting on numerous boards, Michael offers a diverse vision and view for the road ahead, where he will look into the 20’s and beyond.

Michael’s current focus is Legal Bricks, a company who deliver systems and services to over 350 law firms nationally, whilst simultaneously working with a number of the largest estate agencies in the UK. Today, Michael will provide analyses and overview on how you can “Tap into” this market for unprecedented growth, and will share many of his insights around winning new business and solidifying these relationships, by using a hybrid of tech and human elements in cohesion.

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Creating new conveyancing instructions, the easy way!

This seminar will identify a range of ways and means to obtain new Conveyancing Instructions. Starting right at the beginning, we will analyse quotes and the correct way to produce them. Then exploring how you store, track and convert leads to instructions, whilst managing your client’s expectations with simplicity and ease. In addition, you will be provided with a solution that increases your conveyancing business, without any cost to you or your clients!