Mike Westcott-Rudd

HM Land Registry

Mike Westcott-Rudd is the Legal Advisor to the HM Land Registry Board and HM Land Registry’s Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO). Over a long career in HM Land Registry he has held a number of senior legal roles, including Head of Corporate Legal & Assurances Services as well as having covered the role of Director of Legal Services, General Counsel and Deputy Chief Land Registrar.

Mike has held overall responsibility for: Internal Audit, Risk Management, Corporate Governance, Business Planning, Technical Assurance and providing legal advice to HM Land Registry in relation to ‘whole business’ (excluding registration or practice matters). This includes responsibility for ensuring that HM Land Registry has appropriate controls in place and for the maintenance of proper standards of corporate governance.

After reading law at Cambridge, Mike spent his early career in private practice, latterly as a corporate and commercial lawyer before joining Land Registry in 1987. Mike was awarded the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors prestigious Michael Barratt award in 2003 for contributions to Geomatics.

Mike enjoys surfing, skiing and playing team sports including football and cricket.

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Land Registration Issues

Mike will speak about the challenges facing HM Land Registry and our proposals to tackle these.


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