Olga V Mack

Parley Pro

Olga V. Mack is the CEO of Parley Pro, a next-generation contract management company that has pioneered online negotiation technology. She focuses on improving and shaping the future of law, having led from the front lines for decades as an award-winning general counsel, operations professional, startup advisor, public speaker, adjunct professor, and entrepreneur.

Leaders from multiple industries value Olga’s in-depth analytical work on the impact of disruptive technologies such as blockchain, AI, and smart contracts. Her ability to demonstrate how the legal profession will emerge stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive than ever, and the trust her work inspires, encourages others to embrace legal innovation with confidence.

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Online Negotiations: How 5 D’s Will Shape Contracts

Lawyers are often trapped in tedious contract review and negotiations, largely because we guard our client’s legal knowledge and business intelligence as though it’s a secret fire we must keep hidden deep within the recesses of a cave. We lawyers claim the sole right to tend the company “fire of knowledge” and interpret its well-being. The cave model of contract management is exhausting and prevents companies from adapting to new market realities. A seismic shift to online negotiations is transforming our hidden “fire of knowledge” into a bright, illustrative campfire for all to see and enjoy. This seminar will explain that this transformation arrives on the heels of five larger technological trends that are redefining how businesses organize and operate.


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