Oliver Cummings


Olly is the Commercial Director at Capitalise, a QED Investors backed, fintech innovative business funding platform designed to empower accountants and advisors to help their clients discover the right funding solution. He started his career as a chartered accountant and corporate finance professional, EY & S&W, and has worked in Venture Capital and Equity Capital Markets. More recently, he helped establish and scale the partnerships team at P2P fintech MarketInvoice, taking them from £100m to £1bn of lending in 2 years. He is passionate about helping SME entrepreneurs get the funding they need to achieve their vision and goals as a business and is a mentor at several small business accelerator programs.

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The Future of Business Finance and Banking

Bank managers and the role they traditionally played in supporting business owners navigating the financial ecosystem is increasingly distant due to either a reduction in bank branches or simply not as a feature of these new digital fintechs who have traded bricks & mortar and relationships for website and clicks. While technology is changing the landscape for the better, it is leaving a huge opportunity for traditional business support from professionals. The accounting industry is already taking the lead on this with Capitalise and we believe the opportunity crosses over to the Legal professional.


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