Richard Tromans

Artificial Lawyer & Tromans Consulting

Richard Tromans has worked in the legal sector for over 20 years. He is the founder of Artificial Lawyer, the leading news and information platform for legal technology.

He is also the founder of Tromans Consulting, which advises businesses in the legal sector on business strategy and innovation.

Richard is a strong believer in the power of legal technology to improve the lives of lawyers and their clients

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Why Legal Tech?

This seminar will cover: - what are we trying to achieve with legal tech and why it has become central to legal services delivery now. - the economic foundations/business case for the use of legal tech - as without it, what are we trying to achieve? It cannot just be for our convenience alone. - to give the audience a chance to step back and look at how things currently are and think about how legal processes can be made better. - about working with clients to deliver an improved means of delivery and more efficient production of ‘legal products’.


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    Legal Bricks

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  • Richard Tromans: Speaking at the Legalex

    Richard Tromans
    Artificial Lawyer & Tromans Consulting

    Why Legal Tech?