Steve Bedford


Steve is MD of Conical. Conical specialises in marketing support for professional services firms. Steve has previously held roles as Marketing Director in 2 FTSE companies, has spoken at events around the world and has authored several reports on law firm marketing.

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The need for integrated marketing in law firms

Marketing is now composed of multiple disciplines. These disciplines are widely advocated by exponents BUT marketing needs to be an integrated function if it is to be effective.

Steve Bedford will be speaking in the following theatres:

Theatre 7 - Wednesday 16.15 - 16.45: The need for integrated marketing in law firms


  • Peter Watson: Speaking at the Legalex

    Peter Watson

    Innovative Digital Marketing for Law Firms

  • Joe Reevy: Speaking at the Legalex

    Joe Reevy

    How to use BD automation to save your marketers hundreds of hours annually

  • Dr George Margrove & Oliver Anderson: Speaking at the Legalex

    Dr George Margrove & Oliver Anderson
    10x Psychology

    What can personality tell us about employee engagement and wellbeing?

  • Joe de Wet: Speaking at the Legalex

    Joe de Wet
    LEAP Legal Software

    Demystifying the ‘Digital Law Firm’

  • Richard Tromans: Speaking at the Legalex

    Richard Tromans
    Artificial Lawyer + Tromans Consulting

    Getting real about legal AI and Automation