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42DBS GmbH

Process automation and data capture technology in the legal sector.
The German company 42DBS GmbH, subsidiary of Zejn Group provides and develops the ShakeSpeare® Legal Software technology for use in legal departments, law firms, legal services companies including legal start-ups and governments. With ShakeSpeare® Legal custom fit solutions that apply to typical daily legal operations use cases can be deployed fast, cost-efficient and with a high degree of automation of everyday repetitive tasks raising the efficiency of legal operations. Mass Litigation, standardised work on structured or non-structured documents and document analysis, management and collaboration within the organisation or with clients and third parties is done with ShakeSpeare® Legal Software. Used in legal departments of all industries, law firms, legal service companies, banks as well as smaller legal start-ups. Specialized small firms use it as the back-end system for their highly automated services in legal operations.

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