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AMLCC provides an interactive set of connected tools to fulfil each of your legal AML obligations – all online, all in one place. 

AMLCC was created in 2008 by a regulated professional, to solve the challenges his own regulated business had in complying with the latest anti-money laundering rules and regulations. Since then, AMLCC has enabled 1000s of firms to pass their supervisory visits. 

The AMLCC platform is quickly and easily tailored to your business to assess the risks it's facing and effectively direct resources to facilitate the risk-based approach. It allows you to prove your compliance at any time.


Alma Park
Woodway Lane
Claybrooke Parva
LE17 5FB
United Kingdom
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Press Releases

  • Take every risk into account with AMLCC It’s estimated that as many as 80% of the UK’s regulated legal firms are not compliant with the Regulations. And with the SRA’s 2023 Sectoral Risk Assessment - ...
  • AMLCC, an AML solution created by a regulated professional to solve the complexities of staying compliant, is today announcing its launch into the legal sector with full support for all AML regulated ...
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