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GOOD LAW SOFTWARE© or GLS is a reliable and comprehensive legal practise and case management software, designed by lawyers for lawyers. At GLS, our doctrine is one of simplicity and straightforwardness. As lawyers, we know the complexity of the job and feel that technology should not be a baffling hindrance to performance. Instead, we believe digitalisation should serve to simplify, streamline and supplement the day-to-day duties of the legal professional.

It is these convictions that have led us to design features that centralise and automate all of the arduous administrative tasks and non-billable undertakings that are a necessity of legal work.

We have developed a shared legally optimised calendar, bank connectivity services and employee management functionalities, with the goal of stripping the complexities and fussy specifics from firm administration.

We have also devised a centralised document management module that consists of innovative editing systems, template libraries and case management software, with full Outlook integration, so as to improve many of the tedious particulars that come with case management and document work.

If you want to hear about these features and more, come to stand 200 for more information and hands-on experience of GLS. We look forward to seeing you.


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United Kingdom
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