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Lengoo provides you with the opportunity to create your own custom language model, allowing you to fully utilize your exclusive data. With Lengoo's secure and independent approach, you can confidently navigate the AI revolution while adhering to the highest security and IP protection standards.

For over 5 years, esteemed leaders in the global industry have reaped the benefits of Lengoo's AI technology, which is enhanced by human expertise, in various aspects of "multilingual communication" such as translation, revision, summarization, and transcription. Lengoo empowers experts to work at double the speed, resulting in a remarkable reduction in operational costs of up to 50%.

Moreover, by expanding the scope of Lengoo's AI applications to include meeting documentation, knowledge discovery, text generation, and much more, Lengoo now enables subject matter experts from all fields to work with greater efficiency. In doing so, organizations can continue to thrive despite the scarcity of skilled labor.



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