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The Solicitors' Charity

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The Solicitors’ Charity has been supporting solicitors in their times of need since 1858. We understand that solicitors aren’t made of steel and sometimes need a helping hand. The charity’s main goal is to help make a positive and permanent impact on the lives of solicitors and their families. When times are hard, The Solicitors’ Charity is here to provide:

  • Practical support
  • Professional well-being
  • Mental and physical well-being
  • Money management and welfare benefits
  • Financial well-being

In the past, we have been known by a few different names, including The Solicitors’ Benevolent Association and SPA being the most recent, but our purpose has never changed. Our case workers are always here for you – whether it’s to listen or have a chat through your circumstances and offer practical help to navigate through the tough times.

Most of us often forget that it’s completely okay to ask for help. Find out about how The Solicitors’ Charity could help you and head to:


The Solicitors' Charity
1 Jaggard Way
SW12 8SG
United Kingdom
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Press Releases

  • Whether your law firm only has a few pennies left over, or a larger sum, you can donate it to us (risk-free) to fund a healthier, happier, and more supported profession. 
  • Solicitor Jada Jones’ (name changed for privacy) life turned around when she received support from The Solicitors’ Charity after years of job rejections, loss of self-esteem, debts, and ill health.
  • The Solicitors’ Charity Register exists for all solicitors in England and Wales.
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