Legal Tech

As the world is becoming more digital, it's important that your business evolves with it. That's why we have experts sharing their top tips and knowledge on how to survive in the new digital world.

Legal Tech Speakers

  • Legalex Speaker: Charlie Uniman

    Charlie Uniman
    Legal Tech StartUp Focus

    Buying legal tech from startups the “right way”

  • Legalex Speaker: Peter Carlstedt

    Peter Carlstedt

    eIDAS implementation in local jurisdictions: challenge or opportunity for digitalisation?

  • Legalex Speaker: Mark Bull

    Mark Bull

    Cyber security for law firms

  • Legalex Speaker: Tim Chambers

    Tim Chambers

    Risk, security and digital information: how safe are your clients' data?

  • Legalex Speaker: Olga V Mack

    Olga V Mack
    Parley Pro

    Online negotiations: how 5 D's will shape contracts

  • Legalex Speaker: Andrew Chilvers

    Andrew Chilvers

    Data protection in the Age Brexit and the Internet of Things

  • Legalex Speaker: Alan MacGillivray

    Alan MacGillivray

    Cookies: The Good, the Bad, & the Non-Compliant

  • Legalex Speaker: Alan MacGillivray

    Alan MacGillivray

    A post-brexit perspective: managing personal data breaches

  • Legalex Speaker: Chris Pucci

    Chris Pucci
    Osprey Approach

    Nurture by nature: using technology to personalise the client relationship

  • Legalex Speaker: Conor Marken

    Conor Marken
    Cloud Geeni

    The problem with the cloud

  • Legalex Speaker: Richard Tromans

    Richard Tromans
    Artificial Lawyer & Tromans Consulting

    Why legal tech?

  • Legalex Speaker: Adrian Cartland

    Adrian Cartland
    Ailira / Law Firm Without Lawyers

    Why running a Tech Startup is like fighting MMA

  • Legalex Speaker: Geoff Dunnett

    Geoff Dunnett

    Third-party-managed accounts: why, what and who?

  • Legalex Speaker: Anja Blaj, Margaret Rose-Goddard

    Anja Blaj, Margaret Rose-Goddard
    Future Law Inst. Ltd.

    FLIx - the future of legal convergence, inspiration and systemic innovation

  • Legalex Speaker: Carlos Pierce

    Carlos Pierce

    How can legal strategy help build UK’s digital infrastructure through the Electronic Communications Code?

  • Legalex Speaker: Neil Sperring

    Neil Sperring
    Xiria Limited

    Cyber crime & downtime costs £000's plus countless damaged reputations. Avoid this happening to you

  • Legalex Speaker: Craig Taylor

    Craig Taylor

    The Innovation Game: How SME law firms can gain a competitive advantage.

  • Legalex Speaker: Jarvis Joslyn

    Jarvis Joslyn

    Streamlining legal content & document production in the cloud

  • Legalex Speaker: Chris Pucci

    Chris Pucci
    Osprey Approach

    Assistive AI: the way you should work

  • Legalex Speaker: Iain Peck

    Iain Peck
    Prometheus Forensic Services Ltd.

    Fire investigation: myths & truths

  • Legalex Speaker: Craig Matthews

    Craig Matthews
    LSSA - Legal Software Suppliers Association

    Legal technology – hear from the experts and ask them your questions

  • Legalex Speaker: Peter Wright

    Peter Wright
    Digital Law

    The future of client-centred communication in legal

  • Legalex Speaker: Atheal Alwash

    Atheal Alwash

    Artificial intelligence and improved efficiency for law firms

  • Legalex Speaker: Kiwi Camara

    Kiwi Camara

    Transformation comes from people, process, and technology – but not equally

  • Legalex Speaker: Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE

    Sarah Khan-Bashir MBE
    SKB Law

    How your law firm can make a positive impact on society

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