A Website Without Live Chat is like an Unmanned Exhibition Stand

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Word provided by Melu

With LegalEx 2019 shortly upon us, we’ve been thinking about exactly what we’d like to achieve by attending and what we’re looking forward to the most about the exhibition. Inevitably when drawing up a list such as this, we find ourselves with a broad range of thoughts, ranging from the very appealing free sweets at various exhibition stands to things with perhaps a little more significance in a business context.

First and foremost, we’re really excited to meet with customers, both current and future, to discuss ways in which Melu can help you in your legal work. We’re extremely proud of Melu and most satisfyingly, the results we’re seeing from companies adopting our managed Live Chat as a service.

The opportunity to present and explain exactly how it works and how it could benefit you is something we love to do, so we’d be delighted to speak with you.

As well as presenting and explaining, we also love to listen and we love to learn. Everything we try to achieve at Melu is based around the premise of providing flexible solutions to a wide range of business problems. An event like LegalEx is the perfect opportunity for us to listen to you, to listen to your most pressing challenges, to hear your current perceptions of Live Chat and to discuss ways in which Live Chat would help you and your organisation, in the same way it’s helping so many others.

In fact, the more we think about the reasons we’re most looking forward to attending LegalEx, the more we see parallels between them and well, Live Chat!

Let us explain…

There’s always the option of simply sending on some marketing materials to the exhibition. The idea being people read them, keep hold of the information for a more convenient time, take the time to call on the number or visit the website, then hopefully become a customer. Think of it like your own website, the information is there, so that’s enough, right?


Imagine the difference of someone walking up to a table with some marketing material on it, compared to visiting a stand, staffed by knowledgeable humans who begin with a “can I help?”.

Imagine the advantage of an instant conversation compared to simply hoping that particular someone comes back, having visited your stand & leaving with unanswered questions?

Imagine one staff member on a stand having the ability to speak to several people simultaneously?

Imagine the difference of a real conversation with a real person, asking real questions based on your own company values?

Imagine how many customers you might miss out on because you only had some brochures on a table and you didn’t have an actual human presence at LegalEx 2019?

These are all reasons why many of us will be attending LegalEx, they’re also reasons why managed Live Chat can make a huge difference to your organisation. There’s more besides, too, so please do come and see us at stand number 600.