Legal Process Outsourcing and its Benefits

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A significant change that we see in the legal industry is in the delivery of legal services from in-house to outsourcing. This is the process of transferring work of the solicitors, paralegals and other legal professionals to competent individuals within or outside the UK.

The key advantages that outsourcing brings to the law firm are as follows:

 Reduced Costs – The primary advantage of outsourcing is the cost benefit. This is because paying a full-time solicitor or paralegal can be double the cost of getting the same work done through outsourcing. In countries like Sri Lanka, the labor costs are comparatively lower than in the UK. So by offshore outsourcing, you are able to reduce the costs further.

 Focus on the client – When a solicitor has to take care of the paperwork, or keeps checks to ensure that it happens it is time consuming. He is spending billable hours on tasks that are insignificant. So when all this is outsourced a solicitor is able to completely focus on the client.

 Reduced Turnaround Time – When you opt for offshore outsourcing then you are able to take advantage of the time difference. Offshore teams can work throughout the night time of UK to meet deadlines.

 Support in Growth – When you decide to expand, then it is easy, because most of the work will be taken care of by the outsourcing company.

 Other services – In addition to legal processing, outsourcing companies are also able to provide services like finance and accounting, call center services and front end reception. So you are able to take advantage of these services to ensure that you provide a holistic experience to your client.

 Increased Revenue – Since outsourcing enables you to reduce your costs, it also means you can become more competitive in the market. This would increase the number of sales and in turn the revenue of the law firm.

However, when hiring a legal process outsourcing provider it is always important to look into their certifications. Check if they are ISO certified and GDPR compliant to avoid any risks on information misuse.