Are you earning the right amount?

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The UK’s leading legal jobs board and exhibitor at LegalEx 2020 TotallyLegal has just launched its salary survey and wants to hear all the details of your daily working lives. 

Published annually, this questionnaire aims to help benchmark the salaries of our audience members, meaning that you can find out if you are being adequately rewarded for your efforts or if you could be earning more elsewhere.

Further, once collated, the responses reveal broader insights into the current condition of the profession. For example, the results of last year’s survey revealed that, despite being a high-profile national issue, the gender pay gap within legal continued to widen in 2018.

Shockingly, men out-earned their female counterparts by significantly more than the UK average gender pay gap of 18% in a multitude of key practice areas including Private Client (42%), Corporate (34%) and Commercial Property (33%).

Has the legal profession continued to suffer from gender pay discrepancies for another year? Or has 2019 been a pivotal year of much needed change? Your valuable responses will help us find out.

If you would like to be involved in the production of an overview of the legal profession as it stands in 2019, all while benchmarking your salary, simply fill out our online survey today.