5 ways to communicate with local solicitors using a local law society blog

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So you’ve decided local law societies are a great way to get your brand known by the legal profession. Our previous blog explains why.

And you realise being a part of the local law society blog is a cutting-edge way to get your message in front of the people who matter: the solicitors and other legal professionals you want to sell to. We’ve written a blog on this too. 

To get the best results in communicating with law society members, you need to let them know how your product or service can help them. You can either do that with eye-catching and informative advertising or by writing content that helps them solve business problems.

Here are our tips on how to make the most of your space in the local law society blog. By following them, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition, get noticed by lawyers and develop meaningful relationships the people you want to do business with. 

1. Think of who you want to sell to – and create problem-solving content for them 

The main goal of local law societies when they’re putting together their blog is for it to be a must-read for their members (and potential members who are based in their region). 

These readers want articles that keep them up-to-speed with what’s new in the profession and within their particular specialism. They want answers to their questions and solutions to their problems.

This gives you a great opportunity to give them what they want. Take off your sales hat – nobody really likes to be sold to – and think of what you’re an expert in that your customers and potential customers need to know about. If it’s something members want to read, the society will be keen to publish it in their blog. 

And that means publicity for you. Not as someone who’s selling, but as someone who knows what they’re talking about and is willing to share it to help lawyers go about their daily business. 

That actually is a powerful sales tool. Because if your content is need-to-read, you’ll become the go-to exert in your field. Awareness of your brand will grow – and so will your sales. 

So think of how you can forewarn solicitors of any issues that affect their business. What informative, factual editorial can you produce that will give then a real benefit, and leave them wanting more?

2. Make your advertising problem-solving 

You may wish to support your content with advertising. This is a good idea. Content marketing is unlikely to be the only part of your marketing strategy. 

Create an effective message on your banner advert highlighting a problem that’s familiar to the solicitors you’re targeting. If they’re experiencing the problem, you’ll gain their interest, and they’re more likely to click on the link to either your web or landing page.

3. Position your advert correctly 

Select the section of the blog where you want your banner to be placed. If there are solicitors with specific specialisms you wish to target, ensure it’s placed in an article of particular relevance to them.

4. Keep a strong presence on the blog

Don’t just settle for one ad. It’s important to demonstrate a sustained marketing strategy and presence on the blog. 

Have multiple banner adverts keeping the readers constantly aware of your activities. This will highlight your name and keep you right up there with your competitors. 

5. Analyse the activity on the blog 

By analysing which parts of the blog are getting the most activity, you can ensure you have a presence there. In a print or PDF newsletter, there’s no obvious indication which parts are more popular than others. With a blog, you can see, article by article, which have most eyes on them. Take a look at number of looks, likes and shares articles are getting, and you’ll soon get a feel for the sections you should be targeting. 

Simon Castell is sales manager at East Park Communications, a company specialising in providing free on- and off-line magazines to the legal profession. www.eastparkcommunications.com  info@ eastparkcommunications.com 0151 651 2776