Are you still struggling with an “unmanaged” mobile network service?

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When it comes to mobile services, most businesses buy airtime and devices directly from the major networks. For a small number of large customers, mobile networks will provide a dedicated mobile account team and on-site administrators to help to keep mobile administration under control. However, often that’s a chargeable service and these teams are typically order focused rather than proactive in their support and management of costs and usage.

For most however, managing their mobile services and devices is a growing “in-house” challenge. One that continuously drains resources; creates ongoing budget challenges and often leads to overspending. And with “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and its variants; GDPR compliance and the rise of mobile security risks; it’s never been more challenging to protect your business from threats.

Is your mobile network working in your best interests?

The truth is, mobile networks typically make significant “hidden” profits when customers fail to proactively manage their mobile estates. It is therefore of little surprise that mobile networks rarely talk about or offer a “managed mobile service.” What they provide is an “unmanaged” mobile service. They’ll connect you, bill you, and react to service failures; the rest is up to you to manage.

Proactive ongoing management by contrast helps to materially reduce the impact of these issues; and as a result, it reduces mobile costs and removes these excess network profits. Freeing up budget that can be reinvested into new productivity enhancing technology and protecting the business against mobile security risks.

What’s the impact on your business of continuing to use an “unmanaged” mobile service?

If your business is like most and you’re still using an “unmanaged” mobile network service, then ask yourself whether you’re suffering from any of the following six most common symptoms:

• Is your IT team spending a growing amount of their limited resources on mobile administration with little or no support from your mobile network?

• Is your mobile data usage increasing at a significant rate along with your excess data costs – but your mobile network doesn’t seem that interested in doing anything about it?

• Is your Finance team struggling to process, validate and reallocate your mobile invoices and charges to cost centres?

• Do you have a constant level of inactive connections generating excess monthly recurring costs, but you’re struggling to identify the users, or you’re prevented from cancelling these services?

• Have you experienced one or more instances of “bill shock” in the last 12 months where individual users have generated over £500 of charges in a single month; but you didn’t find out until way after the event when the bill came in, and there was nothing you could do about it?

• Are you tied in to buying overpriced mobile devices using a network “tech fund”, but you now know that this fund won’t even cover the cost of refreshing all your devices?

Most businesses have resigned themselves to these issues – “it’s just how mobile networks are, isn’t it?” However, most are unaware that there are real and effective alternatives.



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