Speaker Feature - Karen Dunne-Squire

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We at Legalex are very excited to welcome Karen Dunne-Squire on-board as a speaker at this year’s show.

Karen is the expert creator and MD of Elation Experts; a company whose aim is to help SMEs grow and meet their ambitious plans and financial targets. Elation are passionate about sales and the key role it plays in all industries, and they are strong believers that everyone can benefit from developing sales skills - from top companies to those just starting out. 

For Karen, sales is more than it seems. Sales filters into all parts of our businesses, much further than the sales team alone. It is in understanding what we are doing when we sell that success can be found. Elation have become experts in what they call ‘Reluctant Salespeople’ - meaning they have the skills to take professionals for whom sales may not be their main skill or top professional priority and teach them the key skills and reason behind being a great salesperson. 

Karen is adamant in dispelling some of the stigma that can linger behind the idea of ‘sales’ and explains it like this:

‘Selling is not manipulating people into purchasing something they are not sure they want, it is not pushing someone into spending more than they need to, it is not pressuring someone until they give up and buy regardless of their needs. Selling is about identifying problems that your clients have and finding ways of solving those problems. It’s about demonstrating that you can add real value to the clients world by working with them. It’s about encouraging them to commit to working with you by demonstrating that it will bring real benefit.'

Karen has built The Growth Framework as a methodical and measurable approach to hitting your sales, financial and business growth goals . This proven framework enables you to identify those areas which are major strengths and those which will require improvement; giving you tools and measures to ensure improvement within these areas.

The Growth Framework is a system that can be applied and embedded into any business within any sector – including the legal sector! To learn more about how to grow your business, make sure to catch Karen’s seminar at Legalex. You can check it out here.