Compliance and Code of Conduct training delivered in 13 languages

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Lumesse and Global Lingo collaborate to help a global travel services company ensure their workforce adheres to regulatory requirements through multilingual e-learning.


Lumesse, a provider of e-learning development services operating in over 70 countries, assists Companies’ HR and Legal departments, through the use of training and technology, to ensure their global workforces abide by strict legal and regulatory requirements. With the ability to provide Translation, Transcription, and Minute-Taking services in over 150 languages, covering a wide range of complex legal and regulatory topics, Global Lingo closely partners with Lumesse to localise training in any language and for a diverse range of clients in highly regulated industries.

The client and objectives

Lumesse was asked by a worldwide provider of corporate travel management services to develop a suite of training modules around their Code of Conduct, covering compliance, employee trust and collaboration, information security, anti-corruption, and anti-money laundering. Lumesse had to work closely with the client’s in-country subject-matter experts (SMEs) to ensure legal accuracy in the training material produced. The client’s aim was to raise awareness, enforce new rules, and directly impact day-to-day work. The training was to be localised into 13 languages: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish (European and Latin American), and Thai. 

The solution

Global Lingo carefully selected a core team of linguists based on their subject matter and legal expertise. Important terminology was extracted at the start of the project, and specialised glossaries created in all languages, which were shared with the client’s SMEs for comment and approval. Taking these steps meant that Global Lingo could leverage and use the SMEs’ legal knowledge and expertise in an efficient manner for tailoring the localised material. During the translation stages, Global Lingo utilised various tools to optimise the process, including an automated termbase tool to ensure adherence to the pre-approved glossaries, as well as translation memory to guarantee ongoing stylistic consistency and to generate cost savings for repeated text. Once localised modules were rebuilt, a quality assurance and testing sign-off stage was carried out, working through each module checking the translated text, visuals, all voiced elements, and functionality. 

The outcome

Fully translated, tested, and functioning e-learning courses, which were legally accurate and relevant for each market in which they were used. 

About Global Lingo

Global Lingo specialises in Translation, Transcription and Minute-Taking for Legal firms, Human Resources and Employee Relations departments, Learning and Development teams and Investigative Units of Corporations and Financial Services firms operating in regulated markets. 

Global Lingo works with customers to create tailored and informative content for employee training in compliance, trust and collaboration, information security, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering in multiple languages. 

Our Range of Services:

• Translation in over 150 Languages

• Transcription in English and non-English languages

• Minute-Taking services for meetings

• Legal, financial and compliance translation

• Transcreation for marketing and communications

• E-learning course translation including for Compliance and Code-of-Conduct 

• Voiceover and subtitling

• Software and Website localisation

• Remote and in-person interpreting


Contact Details

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PHONE: James: 0203 595 4298, Mark: 0203 595 2882