Law firms are facing a triple whammy of challenges

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Life in a law firm these days can be very challenging and we have identified some of the biggest problems you probably think about every day if you are one of the decision makers at your legal firm. However here at pioneer legal search platform JustBeagle we have created a solution that can help your firm rise to the challenge – this is how.

1. Digital landscape and new technologies.

In 2017, we were named the most disruptive legal technology company in the world. (Tällt Disrupt 2017). We are working at the forefront of new technologies and aim to ensure that our platforms provide an innovative space in which law firms can embrace the very best of new emerging digital trends.

JustBeagle tackles advertising, digital marketing, social media, content amplification, organic reputation building and lead generation all in one solution which is firmly harnessed to the long established 108,000+ community attracting 1.7 million visitors annually on the LegalBeagles forum.

2. Cuts to funding

Legal Aid funding will never be restored and we know the legal industry cares about ‘plugging the gap’ by their willing participation in advice surgeries and pro-bono work. Multiple reports state that the vast majority of people (80%+) do not seek proper legal advice when they need it. This leads to poorer outcomes and harms access to justice. It also represents huge unmet need.

LegalBeagles is an example of using communities to respond to legal enquiries. The public nature of such advice keeps standards high and acts as a useful online triage of what legal actions could be considered and to point people towards using a solicitor for better outcomes to their issue.

So, despite the bleak current outlook, technical innovation will allow good quality help to reach far more people which in turn will drive up the volume of instructions overall as the process of selection and instruction becomes more streamlined.

3. Demands of the Regulator

With the regulators doing consultations regarding fixed fees, the direction in which the market is heading is clear. If firms are required to publish example pricing, consumers would still need to visit multiple law firm sites to access these prices. We have been collating and holding such data for two years already on an optimum platform for your firm to display its fixed fee services.

By making your services more transparent and available nationally, you will be playing a part in solving accessibility and transparency as well as increased enquiries from new audiences.


How can JustBeagle help?

Our site is an advertising and display platform that makes it easier for law firms to be transparent about pricing and services and simpler for consumers to navigate and access the whole legal services market, benchmark lawyers nationwide and get value for money.

JustBeagle platform gives law firms a nimble, measurable and faster route-to-market. We remain a committed pioneer, working at the forefront of new technologies to ensure that our platforms provide an innovative space for law firms to embrace the very best of new emerging digital trends.