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02 Aug 2021

Disrupting Traditional Archiving & Storage Methods

Sean Conroy GM - Fileman
FileMan - Disrupting Traditional Archiving & Stora

Disrupting Traditional Archiving & Storage Methods

‘Technology’ isn’t just about innovation. It is about making something work more effectively and efficiently. It is about automating workflows, reducing costs and improving processes which take up time – Particularly time that isn’t generating revenue for the business.

One such area we are finding our clients struggling with, is the traditional process of managing and storing closed files. Believe it or not, there are some firms who still manage their closed files with an Excel spreadsheet and store files in a basement, garage or shed… Most though, use a storage vendor and pay a recurring per box per month fee. For those that use a records management company, add the other out of pocket costs associated with this traditional method i.e. lodgement, retrievals, box costs, destruction etc, this is costing firms in excess of £5,000 a month on archival storage. The biggest problem with this traditional model of archiving though, are the inefficient manual processes that are unaccounted for and which are not generating any revenue for the firm.

No longer do firms need to rely on these traditional methods when there is technology available to simplify the process and management of files and offers free storage and integration with practice management systems. The solution is Fileman.

Fileman reduce the escalating costs of file management whilst taking away the mundane labour associated with managing and storing closed files. Fileman has been in the market since 2005 and is now integrated in over 1,000 law firms across the United Kingdom, Australia and United States.

Firms who partner with Fileman can expect free file collections, an online library of matters, scanning services, easily accessible files, free PDF retrievals and secure storage for seven or more years and thereafter, destruction – all for one all-inclusive upfront fee that can be recovered as an arms-length disbursement. Which means that these services can be delivered at ZERO COST to the firm.

Return on investment

With no financial outlay, no customisations required and software that seamlessly integrates with practice management systems it is a simple and wise business solution for firms to adopt.

If you have been reluctant to explore new technology and processes because of a lack of resources or budget, then this will not be a barrier with Fileman. Finding the right technology solution might take up time in the beginning but the long-term gains will see your firm reaping in the rewards, and let’s be honest, lawyers really want to be doing one thing during their work day…

Practicing Law.

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