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20 Oct 2020

How BeUniqueness can resolve your marketing challenges

Marketing is a tough task for legal firms in the SME sector, with a series of apparently insurmountable challenges. But that is where BeUniqueness can help.

If you run a small or medium (SME) law firm, you will be far from alone if you have had struggles with your marketing. In fact, it would be unusual if you had not.

There are, of course, some obvious advantages larger, long-established law firms will have over smaller ones when it comes to marketing:

  • National reach and branches all over the country
  • Familiarity and the power of brand names
  • Large marketing budgets and in-house specialist marketing teams

Why SME law firms should not use traditional marketing methods

However, it is not just scale alone that gives some firms an advantage. A report by First4Lawyers in 2017 found that SME law firms had often spent substantially on marketing through traditional means such as newspaper ads, billboards and events, but this investment had brought so little return in the shape of new customers that it had been a vast collective waste of money.


This posed a dilemma for SME law firms: If such marketing methods were ineffective and provided a poor or nonexistent return on investment, should they simple settle for remaining small and serving a limited pool of clients, or was there a better way?

It is not just a matter of scale. The method of marketing itself is crucial and the fading in effectiveness of traditional methods is not coincidental; digital marketing is now much more powerful and effective.

However, to use digital marketing requires investment not just of a marketing budget, but also time and the appropriate co-ordinated use of different digital marketing tools. To dedicate the time to this and attempt it in-house without expert knowledge, however, is highly unrealistic and extremely unlikely to work.

How we can offer a solution 

BeUniqueness was founded precisely to solve this dilemma. Our solution to the marketing needs of SME law firms is based squarely on the premise that an agency should provide the kind of service that would normally only be available to a larger firm with a dedicated marketing department.  


We are able to provide both a range of digital marketing services and a team of highly qualified experts able to deliver it.

The services we offer include a wide array of digital marketing solutions:

It’s never one-size-fits all

The wide array of tools available to help market your firm means we will never offer something off-the-shelf. Instead, we can tailor the services you need according to your circumstances.

It is rare that one single digital marketing tool will serve your need. Instead, it is getting the right combination that matters.


For example, if you have a new firm you may benefit from PPC ads early on to gain leads and bring in custom quickly. Using blogs and other content with SEO to build up your organic presence is a very effective way of running a longer-term campaign, in which your content can build up authority and reach page one of the search rankings in six months. Using social media alongside this can be very effective in increasing engagement as awareness of your firm grows.

The benefits for your firm

With BeUniqueness running an effective and powerful digital marketing campaign, the benefits will soon become clear for your firm as it gains greater interest from potential customers and more actual clients - delivering the bottom-line return you have been looking for on your marketing investment.

Unlike other digital marketing firms, BeUniqueness is so confident that will deliver what we promise that we offer a money back guarantee. That way, not only will we offer a great marketing solution for your firm; we will do so with a commitment that means you can work with us in confidence.

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