07 Sep 2021

Ignition Law Delivers Rapid Growth with Actionstep


London Law Firm, Ignition Law Does Things Differently.

Ignition Law is a Virtual Law firm, they're rapidly growing, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are digitally driven. Like all law firms, they need the right tools and systems to enable them to grow and grow fast, as they're experiencing 60% year on year growth.

Who's Ignition Law?

Based in: London, United Kingdom
Employees: 45

Practice Areas: Corporate, Commercial and Employment Law


Ignition Law works with entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups providing specialist corporate, commercial and employment advice. They use virtual ways of working to their advantage. Having lawyers distributed across multiple locations in co-working offices and start-up hubs has become a USP because they themselves are part of the entrepreneurial world they target. By being in close proximity to their clients and other entrepreneurs, start-ups and scaling businesses, they understand their client's objectives and strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for growing firms. They know that spiralling costs are a nightmare for their clients, so providing the right legal solution in a timely and efficient way is fundamental to their success.

It's vital that the Ignition team work smoothly and in close collaboration with their clients. Great communication and timely, accurate advice is hugely important for the fast-paced life of an entrepreneur to enable quick decision making.


Why They Chose Actionstep

This award-winning, innovative law firm was only ever going to consider an equally innovative tech partner to support them on their growth path. They completed a comprehensive search for legal practice management software that would support their future thinking and enable everyone to work together seamlessly. They also required it to be both Mac and PC compatible and to integrate with Xero from an accounting perspective.

"Getting everyone working together seamlessly is tricky, but it's working thanks to Actionstep."

Customization of the system was also really key to Ignition's business growth. They liked the ability to quickly and accurately engage clients and store their information - knowing it was rock solid from a regulatory perspective. Actionstep ticked all the boxes.

"We've customized the software in terms of reporting functionality and it's engagement letters ... it's an extremely slick experience for clients now."


Working With Actionstep

Historically it’s not been easy for lawyers to record time in a cloud-based fashion but Actionstep’s ability to do this with speed and simplicity has been hugely powerful for Ignition. It ensures it’s easy for the team to record time both by using the Actionstep app on phones and tablets around the world or on a desktop from any web browser.

They've also found that the Xero integration has proven to be invaluable at billing time - saving money, resources and stress.

“Actionstep makes our lives a lot easier by giving us absolute business certainty that an awful lot of the regulatory function - onboarding, client management, weekly reporting, WIP reports - are all absolutely bang on accurate.”

After being frustrated with their previous system, Ignition Law now knows there’s “no comparison” to other legal practice software in the market. Actionstep meets all their needs making life easier every day.

Actionstep is proud to be part of the success journey for such a contemporary and trailblazing global firm.

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